vw beetle
vw jetta

Phase 1.


When a vehicle has been wrecked or damaged, most individuals will attempt to have it fixed. If it cannot be fixed, one option is to take it to us, an auto dismantler. The vehicles can be recycled and used for various purposes, including repairing other vehicles. You can typically receive compensation for taking your vehicle to us, the amount of which is directly dependent upon the condition your vehicle is in.

Phase 2


Once we recieve the vehicle, our inventory specialist evaluates the condition of all the available parts and uploads them onto our inventory data base. The inventoried parts include the drivetrain, all suspension parts, body parts, electronics, computers, and most of the interior.

Phase 3


After the vehicle has been inventoried, our trained dismantlers drain all fluids and break down the vehicle. This process includes pulling the engine and transmission, and unbolt all necessary parts to be put on the shelf to sell.

Phase 4


After the Engine, Transmission, Headlights, Taillights, Radiators and Wheels have been pulled off the car, each part is then moved to a specific location on the shelf until the part is sold. The rest of the vehicle is also placed in a specific location containing everything else inventoried or uninventoried.